Chong Siew Hooi D20102044910 ELA-30


more rhymes for children learning english

Model Composition: World Of Self, Family and Friends......

My New Bicycle

  1.  - new bicycle - present - grandparents
  2.  - blue - shiny handlebars - leather saddle - basket - in front - carrier -
  3.  - ride - school - like - very much

     I have a new bicycle. It is a present from my grandparents.
     My bicycle is blue. It has shiny handlebars and a grey leather saddler. There is a basket in front and a carrier at the back.
     I ride my bicycle to school every day. I like my bicycle very much.

Let learn 12 month of the year......


How to write compositions about the world of self, family and friends.

  1. The topic could be anything about yourself, your family or friends, e.g. hobbies, family members, a family outing, a best friend,etc.
  2. Understand the main idea from the title, picture and keywords.
  3. Expands the sentences using the keywords given. Add in your own words between each dash.
  4. Write the sentences in paragraph.
  5. Take note of the tenses, grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Let Sing Song......